Using the Veterinary Heart Monitor


Veterinary Heart Monitor

The Veterinary Heart Monitor snaps onto your iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s like a case and wirelessly communicates with the app on your phone. No pairing between your iPhone and the Heart Monitor is required.

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Veterinary AliveECG

The Veterinary AliveECG app is available for download from the Apple App Store. Once in the app, create an account and you’re ready to begin recording ECGs. It’s that easy to get started.


AliveCor ECG Hub provides you with anytime, anywhere, secure online access to all of your uploaded ECGs. Once you have the Veterinary Heart Monitor and the Veterinary AliveECG app you can create a account that gives you access to your personal ECG hub....


Within your hub, you are able to analyze, print, and share your ECGs. Our online services will continue to expand based on customer feedback.


Quality Care in the Palm of Your Hand


Screen more patients with no stress or shaving required in the majority of animals. Wet the use-area on the animal's chest with alcohol, launch the app, and obtain an ECG. Take rhythm strips of any duration.

Accessible Anywhere.

Store ECGs in the app and securely in the cloud for later retrieval, e-mailing, or printing. Access your ECGs from any web browser by logging into your secure AliveCor Vet account.

Low Cost. High Value.

At only $199*, the Veterinary Heart Monitor gives you instant, portable screening access for all your patients. Your clients see the value in their animal’s care.

Accurate. Powerful.

Current veterinary testing demonstrates rate and rhythm accuracy. Our clinical-quality, single-lead ECG recorder leverages the power, display, and communication capabilities of the iPhone.                    

Portable. Convenient.

Screen dogs, cats, and horses faster, and easier than ever
during wellness and sick exams in addition to preoperative and diagnostic work-ups. Easily annotate ECGs with the
option to input notes, patient name and ID, species, breed, date of birth, and owner/client name.

What Vets Are Saying

We love hearing feedback from our customers. We always strive to make our veterinary
medical devices, apps, and services even better. Here is a look at what people are saying
about our Veterinary Heart Monitor and how it has changed their practices.

"Absolutely loving this instrument. We have it in constant use and can no longer practice without it!" Dan Simpson, DVM, West Bay Animal Hospital, Warwick, RI

"The Veterinary Heart Monitor is very easy to set up and is very user-friendly. I wet the left lateral body wall with alcohol, press the device against the chest, and rotate it slightly until a clean tracing locks in.

The tracing is of excellent quality. Transmission of the data to the cloud is seamless, permitting storage and retrieval when needed.

I highly recommend for rapid ECG screening." Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Feline),
Alamo Feline Health Center, San Antonio, TX

“I was surprised how well it worked without having to shave the animal. That caught my attention.” Marc Kraus, DVM, DACVIM, Senior Lecturer, Cardiology,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

"I think it’s amazing, I honestly just can’t believe how well it works. As a veterinarian there are many times when you want to do an ECG but you have to roll out the cart, get two people to hold the animal on its side, then put the clips on, then deal with the client being upset that their animal is being held down and has clips on it, then get the reading.

Now the animal can sit on the owner's lap and just put its paws on the device and you have it. It is so great." Jennifer Chaitman, VMD, ACVIM,
Veterinary Internal Medicine and Allergy Specialists, New York, NY


Can anyone buy the Veterinary Heart Monitor?

The Veterinary Heart Monitor is intended to be used by veterinary professionals and pet owners only. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is cleared for use on humans and is available here.

How much does everything cost?

The Veterinary Heart Monitor costs $199.00 plus shipping, handling and taxes (when applicable). At this time there are no charges associated with the Veterinary AliveECG app or online access to your ECGs.

Can I use this device with other smartphones or tablets?

The Veterinary Heart Monitor is designed to be used with the iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s. We are investigating additional solutions for other iOS and Android products and may bring them to market in the future. Stay tuned by joining our email list.

What if I can’t read ECGs? Will AliveCor send me results?

AliveCor does not currently offer analysis or diagnostic services. The Veterinary Heart Monitor is intended to be used by veterinary professionals and pet owners with access to veterinary expertise.

What kinds of animals can I use this on?

The Veterinary Heart Monitor is intended to be used on dogs, cats, and horses. We have conducted clinical testing on these species.

My device no longer works. What do I do?

Your device may need a new battery if it stops working. Remember, do not leave the device on a metal surface with the electrodes facing down, as this drains the battery. Replace the battery or refer to this support page for further help related to any issues you are having with your product.